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Thread: Geometry HOnors

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    Mar 2008

    Geometry HOnors

    Hello all;

    I need some help with the following:

    1) Line L intersects the x axis going towards the top right hand corner of the grid. It forms a 60 degree angle to the right of the point of intersection. What is the slope of the line?

    2) A trapezoid has the following measurements:
    Top base: 30
    Left side 15
    Right side 24

    A line is drawn form each of the top angles, and meet the base perpendicularly. (You now have 2 right triangles) The triangle on the right has a 60 degree angle on the bottom right of it. What is the measure of the ENTIRE bottom base?

    We are doing 60-30 triangles, Pythagorean thrum and triples, etc, so this will most likely be used!
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    Please don't double (or triple) post.

    Thread closed.

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