Every website I've tried has failed to give me the proper frustum. When I print it out, it's been 2 or 3 times the size it should be. Here is my 2D diagram:

I need help with creating a flat pattern for a truncated cone-truncated-cone.png
I've input just the whole number into these calculators, but invariably get a truncated cone that's 450mm across; the best I've done is one about 300mm. The distance across the bottom of the finished paper cone SHOULD be just around 200mm, and the distance across the top should be 160mm, while the height is 80mm. However, I have yet to accomplish this. I need my paper cone the EXACT size of the real-life physical solid cone I will be 3D printing, so that I can draw various shapes on its face using the paper cone as a template.

Can anyone help with this??