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Thread: [SOLVED] Similar Triangles

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    [SOLVED] Similar Triangles

    Okay, I have a question, I am trying to get a day ahead of my homework so I can get off grounding.

    Determine whether each pair of triangles is similar. Justify your answer.


    Thats only one question but there is more I just need a basic idea of how to do this help? Thanks for all help that is given and ill try to make a deal with some people that help me i just dont know what. Thanks
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    There are 180 degrees in a triangle, that means the sum of the three angles equals 180

    so we'll call them angle1, angle2, and angle3

    then our formula is
    angle1 + angle1 + angle3 = 180

    So we see that we have a triangle with two angles of 46 degrees, then we plug those into our equation
    46 + 46 + angle3 = 180

    add them
    92 + angle3 = 180

    subtract 92 from each side
    angle3 = 88

    Now, we see that the other side of our 46 degree triangle is 88, so our three angles are 46, 46, and 88.

    Compare that to the first triangle, which has one angle of 84. In order to be similar, the angles will have to match, but there is no angle 84 in the second triangle, the closest is 88, but close doesn't matter, the fact is that they are not the same. So these triangles are not similar.


    What if triangle1 has an angle of: 92
    And triangle2 has angles of: 44 and 44

    Are these similar?
    edit: assume both triangles are isosceles
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