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Thread: Circle drawing

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    Jun 2014

    Circle drawing

    So the problem goes: Points M and O lie on the circumference of a circle. Point N is a point inside the circle. When produced, MN and ON meet the circumference at points P and Q, respectively.

    How do I draw this?

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    Re: Circle drawing

    Draw it? No calculation?

    Draw a circle- any circle at all will do. Mark two points on the circle. Label one of them "M" and the other "O". It really doesn't matter which. Notice that M and O divide the circle into two arcs. Draw two more points in one of those arcs (NOT one in one arc and the other point in the other arc). There are two ways to label those two points "P" and "Q" but with one way the lines MP and OQ cross, the other they don't. Label the points "P" and "Q" so that the two lines MP and OQ cross. Label the point where they cross "N".
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