The event altogether with Andy moppet thirty five hundred hours then we take the thirty four hundred dollars we divided by at the hundred and twenty new they wanted without having twenty come from pop up in Iraq a_t_f_ with the bank across the plate apparently out okay develop we do that mathematical calculation they come up with after twenty eight point three the employees that'll little art not plug-in therefore preventing you've had a button came here to check but for the month of January February march third employer had or deportment boy the month of become a June July object the five-month they have the equipment sixty eight point three employees and then September number igloo at forty-four employed yet that all up get the card twenty one point fifty five he thought about twelve twelve-month gear and you end up the Slendera Garcinia Cambogia player with fifty one point eighty employees guilt but no like all the new hire at math they pay you always brown down both after five enough on worn down indirect new after healthcare reform you copy but for the complainer they had not happy people kind of an employee and the caretaker vision to fight for them the reason why economic calculation may very well chains complain about you this is going to happen in two thousand forty you can't do that now you can't find out it care played by t and then you have to make a decision but rather make the decision in January to be looking now and if you have calculation you want the peace now two thousand one and two thousand twelve what would be to be felt because that you have an opportunity for two thousand thirteen to change your work force them to watch the numbers that you really want ten or fifteen year and cured if you're completely happy with.
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