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Thread: dependence sides of triangle

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    Jun 2013

    dependence sides of triangle

    Hi, in my opinion theres now way to find dependence between sides of triangle different-arms without knowing the angle of triangle.
    I mean exemp. a / c = b / h
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    Apr 2005

    Re: dependence sides of triangle

    Okay, please explain your opinion! Are a, b, and c here the lengths of the sides of the triangles, and h the length of an altitude? If so which altitude? The one perpendicular to the side of length b?

    Apparently not, since in an equilateral triangle, with sides of length s, the altitude has length $\displaystyle \sqrt{3}s/2$. a/c= s/s= 1 but $\displaystyle b/h=s/(\sqrt{3}s/2)= 2/\sqrt{3}$
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