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Thread: Need help with proofs !

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    Feb 2013
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    Need help with proofs !

    Hello, I am a new member. I joined because I do not understand Geometry. My teacer is terrible, he doesent except questions, he just lectures us. As of right now I am passing but by the skin of me teeth. I am having a test on chapter 10 called Quadrilaterals. I really don't understand any of it because my teacer does a poor job getting his point across. What I really need help on is prooving quadrilaterals are parallelograms. I am lost when it comes to this. Here is a link to the chapter I am working on :

    I need to understand things like on page 387
    & how To find areas of a polygon, etc.

    Please view the textbook so you know exactly what I'm dealing with.
    i just can't seem to wrap my head around it.

    My test is Tuesday, please help me !!
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    Re: Need help with proofs !

    Teaching a whole area, such as Quadrilaterals, is beyond the scope of this forum. However, we would be happy to answer concrete questions. Find problems that are similar to those that you think will be on the test and try solving them. Post any questions here.

    What exactly do you not understand on p. 387?
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