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Thread: Real life geometric problem - 10% reward

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    Dec 2012

    Real life geometric problem - 10% reward

    Hey everyone.

    I would like to share this Flikkr image with you, as i need to be in high quality for my purpose.
    20121223_210518 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    The Question:
    If i were to tell you that the diameter of the reference chip is 39.56mm, how accurately could one determine the vollume of the champagne glass?
    There is a problem with photo angles which go beyond my skill.
    If you simply count the pixles from the top of the chip layer to the bottom and use this to calculate the volume of the object in Solidworks, what error can one expect to find?
    I also would like to add that the thickness of the glass edge is 6.566mm.

    The reward:
    If anyone can provide a constructive post that leads to a winning guess, i will provide 10% of the reward money to that person; or 10.000 euros
    If so, i will contact you via a private message.

    Good luck, and thank you!
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