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Thread: identification help

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    Jul 2012

    identification help

    1. science which deals with the properties, measurements and construction of flat figures

    2. branch of mathematics which studies figure that lie in plane or flat surfaces

    3. known as the father of geometry

    4. in geometry it represents place or position

    5. it is a net or points and has no length and extend indefinitely

    6. a special set of points in a flat surface

    7. points that lie on the same straight plane

    8. a set of points that lie on a plane

    9. it is a half line with one endpoint

    10. it is the joining of two rays with a common endpoint called vertex

    11. is an angle that measures exactly 360 degrees or exactly one complete rotation

    12. are 2 angles in a plane that have a common vertex and a common side that no interior in common

    13 it is a statement to be proved

    14. part which is accepted as true an instrument used for measuring angles

    16. sum of 2 angles is 90 degrees

    17. sum of 2 angles is 180 degrees

    18. angles whose measure are congruent

    19. two lines that lie in the same plane and never intersect

    20. is a straight line that cuts two other straight line

    21. a many sided figur

    22. a polygon with 3 sides and 3 vertices

    23. a triangle with no 2 sides are equal

    24. is a quadrilateral in which both pairs of opposite sides are parallel

    25. it is the slant height of a regular square pyrmid
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    Jul 2012

    Re: identification help

    Omgee lol =)) Did you even bother to read your Geometry book? I guess not. cause' you'll find all of your answers there
    But I'll give it a try
    1. Geometry (if you still don't know this.. oh well)
    2. Plane geometry
    3. father of Geometry is Thales. Most of the people on the internet says it's Euclid. But the truth is, Euclid is only a student of Thales and Thales if the real father of Geometry
    4. Points??
    5. Lines
    6. I think it's plane
    7. Collinear Points
    8. Coplanar
    9. Ray
    10. ANGLE.
    11. Revolution (because revolution is exactly 360)
    12. Adjacent Angle
    13. Theorem if I'm not mistaken
    14. Not sure with this one too. But is this postulate?
    15.-.- protractor.
    16. Complementary angles
    17. Supplementary angles
    18. I don't know with this one XD sorry
    19. Parallel
    20. Uhm, I am not sure with my answer here too. Perpendicular?
    21. Polygon
    22. Triangle
    23. Scalene Triangle
    24. Parallelogram
    25. Altitude
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    Apr 2005

    Re: identification help

    The whole point of problems like this is to force you to read the book carefully, paying attention to each word, not just skimming. I am a little sorry that elmothemonkey answered these questions as it might prevent you from doing that. On the other hand, I hope you will have the intelligence to at least check whether his answer are correct or not. For example, his answer to the very first question, the only one I checked is incorrect.
    Thanks from emakarov
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