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find X/Y/Z points on spherical helix-spherical_helix.jpg

I would like help finding the X/Y/Z coordinates of points spaced .375" apart on a .300" lead spherical helix. I have the following formulas to find the coordinates at t position on the sphere where t=1 is the top of the sphere and t=0 is the center of the sphere.
rzt is radius of sphere at t-X/Y plane of sphere
sr is sphere radius
t is % from sphere center to top of sphere
xt is X postion on sphere at t
yt is Y position on sphere at t
zt is Z position on sphere at t
rzt = \sqrt{sr^2-zt^2
zt = sr*sin(90*t)
xt = rzt*cos(t*360*2*\pi*sr*90/360/.3)
yt = rzt*sin(t*360*2*\pi*sr*90/360/.3)

Thank you!