Hello, I am a college student but I never learned geometry properly - my high school's course was pretty much confined to the areas of plane figures and a few two-column proofs. I'd like to learn it from the bottom up, and I have access to three different books:

Euclid's Elements (Green Lion Press edition)
Geometry: A High School Course by Serge Lang
Kiselev's Geometry, books 1 and 2 (planimetry and stereometry)

I would love to learn with Euclid for historical reasons but I am worried that it may not be modern/rigorous/useful enough. Also, as it is not a standard textbook there are obviously no exercises or anything. Lang's book is the most user-friendly, and I have worked through the beginning of it in the past. Kiselev's I have heard great things about and seems the most in-depth. Does anyone have any suggestions on choosing, advice on using the books, or recommendations of other books?