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Thread: Final Projects

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    Apr 2012

    Final Projects

    I am interested in finding ideas for a final project for both a regular geometry class and an Honors Geometry class (which focuses more on logical reasoning rather than application like regular geometry). I want something fun and educational, but not too time consuming for the students since they will still have their normal case load in addition. I want it to be meaningful.

    Since it is my first year teaching, I thought of having them create lessons for a chapter from the book with new examples, sample test questions, and interactive options to help me improve my methods of teaching for next year. I feel like this is making them do a lot of my work, but I feel like I cnanot learn what they understood, did not understand, liked, or did not like unless I have more feedback from them.
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    Mar 2012

    Re: Final Projects

    Sounds like you would really like the Inquiry Math model. CPM is at the top in that arena. It's wonderful! CPM Educational Program
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