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Thread: Area of circle inscribed in a square.

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    Aug 2011

    Area of circle inscribed in a square.

    Lisa has made an embroidery design on a piece of square cloth that has an area of 100 in2. She has enough ribbon to go all the way around the outside edge of the piece of square cloth.

    If she uses the ribbon to go around the embroidery design in a circle that touches the edges of the cloth, what would the diameter of the circle be? Answer in inches.

    What would the area of the circle be that the ribbon would make around the embroidery design?

    After putting the ribbon around the design in a circle, Lisa trimmed off the corners of the square piece of cloth. How much material was trimmed off? Answer in square inches.
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    Aug 2011

    Re: please help with math question

    The radius of the inscribed circle is 5 in. Its area = 25*pi = 78.53 in2. the corners area = 100 - 78.57 = 21.46 in2.
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