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Thread: [SOLVED] Home project gone wrong

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    [SOLVED] Home project gone wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff9Man View Post
    I'm building a chest out of 4" X 4" boards and I have the box part complete. Now I am trying to make a lid. I'm trying to make the lid a half circle. But I can't figure out how to cut the boards.

    My question is this: How many 4" X 4" boards do I need to cut at what angle to make a half circle with a 24" diameter?

    I am completely stumped. I never figured that this project would be as complicated as it has turned out to be. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.
    Probably the simplest thing to do would be to lay down a 12" x 24" sheet (or paper would be better) and sketch out your half circle. Then draw a grid on the paper, using 4" x 4" squares. That will give you a set of templates you can use to cut your boards.

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