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Thread: How much lead on that ship?

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    Jun 2006

    How much lead on that ship?

    Hi All,

    THis is my second question here in as many years. I need to find out how much lead is contained within an area of 135m x 7.5m if the lead paint used contains 175 micrograms of paint per cm²

    Here is my workings. Can anyone please tell me where im going wrong?

    Length = 13500cm
    Draught = 750cm

    Area one side = 13500cm x 750cm

    = 10125000cm Area One side

    Max Lead of Era paint (highly unlikely)

    175 Micro Grams / 1 cm2

    1,000,000cm2 of Paint contains 175,000,000 micrograms of lead (175 grams).

    One side 10,125,000cm2 / 1,000,000 = 10.125

    10.125 x 175g = 1771.875g or 1.77Kg

    **Ducks for cover*** - Any help greatly appreaciated.
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    Correct (Clap)
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