When looking at three points connected by a steiner tree, to me it seems that the total amount of distance connecting the three points is going to be less than that of a regular triangle, but the distance between any two points will be more.

Here's a picture of what I'm talking about:

File:Steiner 3 points.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Am I right that the distance directly from A to B is shorter than the distance of going to A, S, then B?

If so, is this article incorrect in saying that ants have made the most efficient routes possible by connecting the nests with a steiner tree?

Leader-less ants make super efficient networks

I think it would be the most efficient route for the ants if they were trying to reduce the total distance of the pathways, like for saving blacktop in roadwork, but it would be quicker for them as individuals to just go directly from point to point.