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    II. Use a figure, if necessary to help you decide whether each statement is is TRUE or FALSE. Write true if the statement is always true and false if otherwise

    1. the real number line has at least one end point.<<<TRUE
    2. If x is a negative number, then -x is a positive number. <<<FALSE
    3. There is always a positive number that is less than every other positive number.<<<FALSE
    4. There is a point on the real number line that corresponds to square root of 2 and is the difference from the point corresponding to 1.1414. <<<<TRUE
    5. According to Ruler Postulate, the distance between any two points is the difference of the corresponding numbers,<<<<FALSE
    6. The absolute value of any number is always positive<<<<False
    7. The midpoint of a segment AB, or any line, plane, ray or segment which contains the midpoint is called the bisector of segment AB.>>>>>>TRUE
    8. for every two points there are infinitely many lines that contain both points.<<<<TRUE
    9.THE distance postulate states that " to every pair of different points there corresponds any positive number".>>>>FALSE
    10. If s is both non-negative and non-positive, then s is NOT equal to zero.>>>TRUE
    11. the distance between the two given points is always the difference of their corresponding numbers on the number line.>>>>TRUE
    12. If angle A and angle B are supplementary,then angle A is congruent to angle B.>>>FALSE
    13. if three point are coplanar, they are collinear.>>>>FALSE
    14. If three points are noncollinear, they are coplanar.>>>.TRUE
    15.then union of any two convex sets, which have at least two points in common, is a convex set>>>>TRUE
    16. half of an obtuse angle is a right angle>>>FALSE
    17. IF two lines intersect, then four pairs of supplementary angles are formed.<>><<TRUE
    18. Two angles are complementary if they have common side....FALSE
    19. Vertical angles are right angles >>>>FALSE
    20. Linear pairs are always supplementary.>>>>TRUE

    This following question is a continuation of my midterm exam. Please do check my work. thank you so much...
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    Locked as this contributes to your semester mark and MHF does not endorse giving help of this kind.
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    Please don't post more than two questions in a thread. Otherwise the thread can get convoluted and difficult to follow. See rule #8:

    I suggest you request answers from your instructor.
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