This is one question but consists of four parts. Part A consists of:

On your hyperbolic plane draw as large a triangle as you can find. Compare your triangle with the large triangles that others have found. What do you notice?

Part B consists of:

Show that on the same hyperbolic plane, all 2/3-ideal triangles with the same angles are congruent.

Part C consists of:

Show that the area function Ap is an additive function. That is,
Ap(a-B)= Ap(a)+Ap(B)

Part D Consists of:

Find a formula for the area of a hyperbo0lic triangle.

Thank you anyone who can help. I honestly do not know how to solve these and the book I have is not very helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to jot them down so I can better clarify my work for you. Any help is greatly appreciated.