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Thread: Intersect Circle vs Line vs Speed

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    Mar 2007

    Intersect Circle vs Line vs Speed


    I want to calculate the intersect between the line of p1 which moves (rotates) around and origin at a speed of s1 and a line between p1 and p2 or p1 and p3. (p2 and p3 only one at a time). p2 or p3 moves towards p1 at a speed of s2.

    hope that makes sence.
    More just plain English. I've got a planet orbiting the sun (p1) with a speed of s1 , and ships p2 and p3 on their way to planet p1, with their respective speeds. I want to calculate the instersect of the planet with the ship.
    now you realy confused !!!!!

    Keeping in mind that the ship could be so slow the planet could rotate a few times before intersecting with the ship :-) and the ship must move in a straigth line towards the planet (shortest distance).

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