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Thread: Help with proof?

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    Feb 2009

    Help with proof?

    Can someone help me with this proof? Can anyone come up with a proof that is shorter than 17 steps please?

    I don't understand proofs that well so all I have to start is the given and <BAC and <BAD are right due to the definition of perpendicular...but where do I go from there...our teacher said we should have short proofs and this one should be under 17 steps preferably. Can anyone help?
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    Oct 2009
    AE perpendicular to AF, hence
    angle EAF = 90 degrees

    angle CAD = 180 degrees, hence
    angle 3 + angle 4 = 180 - angle EAF
    = 90 degrees
    so angles 3 and 4 are complementary
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