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Thread: Strange geometry patterns help interpret

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    Oct 2009

    Strange geometry patterns help interpret

    I just joined this forum because I would like some help with a geometry mystery or what ever it is.
    I took a picture of the sky and discovered small black objects in it. These objects form geometrical shapes/lines and perhaps other things.
    I am not a math genious and I have interpreted it as far as I can.

    I would like your help with finding more geometrical links or if someone can find more mathematical meanings inside this "formation" using the black objects as for doing so.

    First let me make one thing clear. The bluish dots all around the image (bottom of post) is an indication that the dots are near. Just look near the bluish dots and you will see a black small object there (you might have to save image to computer and zoom in another program!). Here is an enhancement using saturation tool to make the objects more visible.-->
    (The objects are inside the saturated orange areas. Zoom in and you will see them.)

    Note that the (golden spiral spiral is a mere interpretation of the shapes that the objects form and it is NOT exact at the moment, however one might find a way to draw it exact, which is why I am in this forum for your help! Here are the geometric shapes I found so far:

    Can you find more mathematical meanings using these objects location?

    p.s. I do not know what the objects are, they just appeared.

    edit: This might be easier to see with objects saturated and the blue dots removed
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