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Thread: Perpendicular Height

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    Sep 2009

    Perpendicular Height

    Can some one help me with perpendicular height -if u have all the side measurements of a triangle how do u find the perpendicular height?
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    Jul 2008
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    Using Pythagoras, probably.

    Lay the triangle on its side and draw the perpendicular height you're supposed to find. Then you got 2 right angle triangles.

    Let h be the perp height and c = a+b be the length of the base (where a and b are the lengths to the perpendicular h.

    Then you have two equations $\displaystyle h^2 = a^2 + p^2, h^2 = b^2 + q^2$ where $\displaystyle p, q$ are the lengths of the sloping sides.

    Can you draw it? I can't be bothered myself, it's too much like hard work for me.
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