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How do I create a thread?

To create a new thread, you must first find your way to the appropriate forum to post your type of question. This can be done by selecting the forum you want to enter from the list of forums on the MHF Homepage (you can access the homepage by clicking on the MHF Logo at the top left corner of any MHF page you are currently viewing). Once you are in your desired forum, click on the “New Thread” button, located just above the top left corner of the list of threads in that forum. Please ensure you follow the given posting guidelines. See this thread on how NOT to get help.

How do I create the math equations and symbols like the other users do?

We use an awesome piece of software, known as Latex. To see how it works, please see this subforum.

How do I delete a thread in case I double posted?

Regular members are not allowed to delete threads regardless of the reason. This is because members may have unethical motives for doing this, such as, trying to cheat on a test and then wanting to remove the evidence. If you have a legitimate reason to delete a thread, please report the thread to a Moderator explaining why you want it deleted, and the Moderator will decide what to do at their discretion. The Report Post tool is located at the lower left corner of each post (its a triangle with an exclamation point in the middle).

How do I upload animated avatars?

Only Donors and MHF staff have the ability to upload animated avatars. If you fall in either category, you may upload an animated avatar much in the same way you would a regular avatar. Go to your User Control Panel, and selected “Edit” avatar from the left menu bar, under the heading “Settings & Options”. Note that there are constraints that determine what you can upload, such as file size and dimensions.

How do I make a hyperlink say something other than the html address?

You can make hyper links by highlighting the word or phrase in your post that you wish to be a link to some other page, and then clicking on the “Insert Link” button located at the top of the Advanced dialog box when you are responding to a question. The icon is a globe with a chain link to the lower right.

You may also insert links by entering code. The code is as follows:

[url= "insert link here"]insert caption here[/url]

For instance, the link here (which leads to the MHF Homepage) could be created by typing the code [url=“"]here[/url]

If I see suspicious activities or see someone breaking the rules, how do I notify the staff?

You can report the incident. The report post button is located near the bottom left corner of all posts - it looks like a triangle with an exclamation mark inside. Click on it to report the post. If you wish to bring a complaint against a user, but not one made in some post by that user, you may contact an MHF Administrator or MHF Moderator.

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