Hello! I have this logic problem and I don't know if it's solveable or not (I mean do I just have to solve it by trying to guess who's who and then see if it makes sense?).. Can anybody help me with this?

I found that Stonewells are from Lake Dodd and that the Cartographers graduated in 1966. Now I'm stuck!

Valene Everest, a reporter for the alumni newsletter for Hillsdale College The Hillsdale Herald, was assigned to write a feature story on five special married couples. All of the ten people involved were Hillsdale alumni, but what especially intrigued the Herald and Valerie were the couples names. In each case, one of the spouses was named Hillary and the other was named Dale. Valeric found herself tromping over hills and through dales to pursue her story, for no two of the couples lived in the same city. She also discovered that each couple had decided to start a business together, but no two couples were in the same type of business.
Although Valerie was inclined to include some "Daley news," she would never be so unkind as to declare any alumnus "over the hill." For the benefit of their former classmates, however, Valerie did include the graduation year of each couple (each person graduated in the same year as his/her spouse and no two couples graduated the same year). Using this information and the clues below, can you determine for each couple, their occupation, city of residence, and year of graduation (1966, 1974, 1981, 1989, or 1992)?

a. The couple from Point Pleasant graduated before the costume designers, but after the Stonewells.

b. Valerie was impressed by both the home of the couple from Mountainview and the McAlpins' home.

c. There were fewer than ten years between the graduation year of the LeClairs and the graduation year of the dance instructors.

d. The private investigators (PIs), who were not the Rossis, graduated later than the couple from Lake Dodd.

e. The Stonewells have never lived in Cherry Falls.

f. The cartographers (who were not the Rossis) and the couple from Woodfield (who were not the Stonewells) all have done fund-raising for Hillsdale College.

g. The LeClairs graduated before the couple from Mountainview but after the PIs (who were not from Woodfield).

h. The graduation year of the photographers (who were not the Barrymores) was later than both the graduation year of the Rossis and the graduation year of the couple from Woodfield.