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Thread: Combinations questions

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    Apr 2009

    Combinations questions

    Hello, I'm currently enrolled in a Criminal Justice program and my course is Business Algebra. I am retaking this course a third tie because I can't seem to find any help. If you can help me, I would would greatly appreciate it. I will list some examples of what my university is expecting me to understand and simplify. Once again, thank you who or whomever you are. Appreciate it very much.

    Ex. # 1: A college offers 2 introductory courses in history, 2 in science, 2 in math, 2 in philosophy, and 1 in english:

    A) If a freshman takes 1 course in each area during her 1st semester, how many course selections are possible?

    B) If a part-time student can afford to take only 1 introductory course, how many selections are possible?

    Ex. # 2: A) How many ways can a 4-person subcommittee be selected from a committee of 7 people?

    B) How many ways can a president, vice-president, secretary, & treasurer be chosen from a committee of 7 people?

    The # of ways to select a 4-person subcommittee is:
    The # of ways to chose president, vice-president, secretary, & treasurer is:

    Ex. # 3: From a standard 52 card deck, how many 7 card hands will have 4 spades & 3 hearts? The # of hands is:

    Ex. # 4: A catering service offers 6 appetizers, 7 main courses, & 6 desserts. A banquet committee is to select 5 appetizers, 6 main courses, & 3 desserts. How many ways can this be done?

    I know these are alot of examples but I posted them all in one area so I won't take up to much space from everyone else. But once again thank you for all of your help whether you could help or not. Appreciate it.
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    Jan 2009
    most of these problems are simple combination or permutation problems.

    the difference in those two concepts is easy to understand: permutations mean order matters while combinations mean order is meaningless.

    try some problems and let us clean up little messes for you; show us where you are stuck.
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    Permutations and Combinations

    Hello KIanG07

    Welcome to Math Help Forum!

    Have a look at a reply I gave here.

    Get back to us if it still doesn't make any sense.

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