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Thread: How to reduce algebraic degree of Boolean Functions?

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    Apr 2009

    How to reduce algebraic degree of Boolean Functions?

    Hi everybody,

    I would much appreciate if anyone could assist me with the following problem:

    consider a 4-bit input vector
    x=(a,b,c,d), with a,b,c,d \in GF(2).

    Now consider a function
    S(x) = (S_3(x),S_2(x),S_1(x),S_0(x)), with S:GF(2)^4 \rightarrow GF(2)^4 and S_3,S_2,S_1,S_0:GF(2)^4 \rightarrow GF(2),
    i.e. the component functions S_3,S_2,S_1,S_0 are Boolean functions of algebraic degree \leq 3.

    Now consider two functions Z,Y: GF(2)^4 \rightarrow GF(2)^4 that have the following properties:
    with the component functions
    e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l:GF(2)^4 \rightarrow GF(2) also being Boolean functions but only with an algebraic degree \leq 2.
    y,z \in GF(2)^4 denote the two 4-bit output vectors of Y and Z.

    I am looking for Boolean functions e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l with algebraic degree \leq 2, such that
    S(x) = Z(y) = Z(Y(x)) holds.

    I have already looked at Matlab, but it seems that it does not supports Boolean algebra

    Does anyone has any idea how to approach this problem?

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