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Thread: True or False Statement?

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    True or False Statement?

    If True explain show why and if false give a counterexameple.

    For All $\displaystyle n>=1$, if n is not prime, then neither is $\displaystyle 2^n-1$.

    How would I go about figuring this out? Is there a forumula or do I just plug numbers in?
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    A useful formula: $\displaystyle \forall a,b,n\in\mathbb{N},\ n\geq 2,\ a^n-b^n=(a-b)(a^{n-1}+a^{n-2}b+...+ab^{n-2}+b^{n-1})$

    Let $\displaystyle n=pq$ be a positive integer with $\displaystyle p,q\geq 2$
    $\displaystyle 2^n-1=2^{pq}-1^q=(2^p)^q-1^q=(2^p-1)(\sum\limits_{k=0}^{q-1}2^k)$

    Hence $\displaystyle \forall n\geq 1\ \text{no}(n\ \text{prime})\Rightarrow\ \text{no}(2^n-1\ \text{prime})$
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