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    Mar 2008

    graphy theory

    Consider the following scenario. The National Rugby League is a sporting competition involving 16 teams. Unfortunately, this year matches began before the schedule for the whole season was agreed to. The following requirements are to met. Each weekend there are eight matches (with each match involving two teams) and each team plays exactly once each weekend. In the season each pair of teams should play two matches against each other.
    So far there have been 17 weekends of matches. Over the first 15 weekends, every pair of teams played one match against each other. On weekends 16 and 17 the following matches were played.

    Weekend 16
    Cowboys v Broncos
    Storm v Warriors
    Knights v Raiders
    Eels v Panthers
    Tigers v Roosters
    Sea Eagles v Dragons
    Sharks v Bulldogs
    Titans v Rabbitohs
    Weekend 17
    Broncos v Storm
    Roosters v Sea Eagles
    Dragons v Sharks
    Warriors v Knights
    Raiders v Eels
    Cowboys v Panthers
    Bulldogs v Rabbitohs
    Titans v Tigers

    It is now coming up to the eighteenth weekend and your task is to design a schedule for the remaining matches of the season.
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    Sep 2008
    Hi if you give me the answer to question 1 I will give you the answer to question 3 for Assignment 4. I am stuck !!!! I would not have a clue how to do it. But I have done the one you do not know how to do. Let us trade and we will be both better off :-))) Best regards :-)))
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