i have been given the tree below i need to use some funcations to mulitpuliate the tree
these funcations are
Root: BT->N, where Root(t)=the root of an non empty tree t
Left: BT->BT where Left(t) = the left sub tree of an non empty tree t
Right BT-> Where Right(t) = the right sub tree of an non empty tree t
Make: BT x N x BT->BT, where Make (t,n,s) = the thre with root n, left subtree t and right sub tree s

                                 /   \
                               e      a
                             /       /  \
                            h       f    c
                          /   \      
                        b       a
i have been draw the tree MAKE(Left(right(s)),Root(Left(s)),Right(Left(s)))

i have come up with the answer as this, is this correct

                                        / \
                                       f    c
                                     /       \
                                    d         e
                                   /          / \
                                 e          h    a  
                                / \ 
                               h    a
                              / \   / \
                             b  a f   c

is this correct

many thanks