hello all. im trying to figure out a scoring algorithm for a quiz. really i totally lost with so many variables. I will post the main points of it. thanks for all the help i advance.

- Up to 10 different final *Quiz Results* can be given. (see p10 of pdf for results in action)
- Quiz can have up to 50 *Questions*.
- Each *Question* has up to 10 possible multiple choice *Answers*.
- Each *Answer* is assigned a *Weighted Value* for each *Quiz Result*.
- *Weighted Values* are in the range of -6 to zero to +6. (Possible 13 point spread)
- Each Quiz will also apply the same *Weight Value* range for if a M/F is taking the quiz and what of 6 age groups the taker is in..... for each type of Quiz Result.

You can see a visual of what i trying to achieve below.