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Thread: NFA with epsilon moves

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    NFA with epsilon moves

    I am pretty confortable with designing DFA but now i am trying to learn how to design NFA with epsi moves but nit quite sure how to do it. I know that from one state i could have multiple path but how do you decide which state or how do you decide when to make epsilon (empty) move. ?

    can someone suggest couple tips for NFA please
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    Re: NFA with epsilon moves

    As I remember, one role of epsilon-transitions in the theorem about the equivalence of regular expressions and finite automata is to implement alternation |. Suppose you have two properties P(s) and Q(s) and two automata AP and AQ that compute those properties. If you need to compute the disjunction of P(s) and Q(s), you can make an epsilon-transition to both automata.

    If you have concrete examples that need analyzing, feel free to post.
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