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Thread: Properties of Relation in Graph

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plato View Post
    You both still have not told us enough about this problem.
    But here are some definitions.
    hello Sir,
    i want to thank you for your kind help ......though i know very well that could not explain my problem very well ......but so nice of you bcoz you help me as possible as you could.
    thanks again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cu4mail View Post
    Dear All,

    The relations are as follows: -

    a) (x1, x3),(x1,x2),(x3,x5),(x3,x4)

    b) (x1,x4),(x1,x1),(x4,x4),(x4,x1),(x2,x2),(x2,x1),(x 1,x2),(x3,x3),(x3,x2),(x2,x3)
    Reflexive and Symmetric

    c) (x1,x4),(x1,x3),(x2,x3),(x2,x1),(x2,x4),(x3,x4)

    Though it get little late, but it might help someone else in future...

    Thanks to all of you.
    very good. sorry we couldn't be more help, but we were not exactly sure what you were talking about. i had an idea that you were seeking properties like that, but i didn't know which or even if it was actually such properties. when i did relations in class, we didn't cover as much as you guys do (i never did directed graphs for example, i learnt that from you guys )
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    Cool [Solved]

    Hi Jhevon,

    I'm wonder if i could help someone in Mathametics.. I think I never can :P

    But I want help from all of you guys till I complete my course and so on I'm student of computer sciences but dont know mathatics, strange na?

    Thanks to all of you.
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