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MTH 221 Eulid Trail.pdf

11.3.20. a) Find an Euler circuit for the graph in Fig. 11.44.

Start with: a-b-c-g-k-j-i-h-d-a
More edges: b-g-j-f-i-e-d-b
Join: a-b-g-j-f-i-e-d-b-c-g-k-j-i-h-d-a
More edges: b-e-f-b
Join: a-b-e-f-b-g-j-f-i-e-d-b-c-g-k-j-i-h-d-a
Euler Circuit: a-b-e-f-b-g-j-f-i-e-d-b-c-g-k-j-i-h-d-a

b) If the edge {d, e} is removed from this graph, find an Euler trail for the resulting subgraph.

Same algorithm, only start with an odd-degree node d, for example:
Starting path: d-a-b-c-g-k-j-i-h-d
More edges: d-b-g-j-f-i-e-b-f-e
Join: d-a-b-c-g-k-j-i-h-d-b-g-j-f-i-e-b-f-e
Euler Trail: d-a-b-c-g-k-j-i-h-d-b-g-j-f-i-e-b-f-e