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Thread: Fibonacci Functions and Sets (+Java)

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    Oct 2012

    Fibonacci Functions and Sets (+Java)

    I would like some help getting through these 2 problems:

    Implement all three methods we discussed for computing a given element F_n the Fibonacci sequence: F_0 = F_1 = 1. F_k = F_k-1 + F_k-2 for k > 1.
    1. Recursive (write a recursive function to compute F_n given input n)
    2. Inductive (compute F_0, , F_n in order)
    3. Formula (compute F_n directly using the formula we derived, also on pg. 323)
    Compare each of these methods on a range of n values. What do you conclude? Which method is fastest, uses the least memory, easiest to implement?

    Implement your own Set class in Java for storing sets of integers (note: Java has a built-in set class, but you should not use it). Your class should support the following basic set operations: union, intersection, difference. Demonstrate your class works on some example operations and discuss how efficient your implementation is.
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    Jan 2008

    Re: Fibonacci Functions and Sets (+Java)

    What have you done so far?
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