Hi there, im currently revising for an exam and there is a section on fuzzy logic. I was just wondering if you can help me understand it a bit more.

(c) Given membership functions the object x to be in the following fuzzy
sets A,B and C: mb(x,A):= 0.4, mb(x,B):= 0.3, mb(x,C):=0.7.
Compute mb(x , (A and B) – complement(C) ). [6]

(d) Given the following linguistic modifiers:

a little a = a^1/2
slightly a = a^1/4
very a = a^2

and inference rules with beliefs:

IF cucumber is a little distorted and its colour is slightly yellow
THEN with confidence 0.8 the reason is insufficient irrigation.

IF the temperature of a patient is very high and he/she has a
little yellow eye apple THEN with confidence 0.7 the reason is

Example case:
distorted = 0.6, yellow colour = 0.7, high temperature =0.9
Compute the possibilities of insufficient irrigation, and the possibility
to have hepatite.

Id appriciate any help and guidance.

Thanks for taking the time to read it