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Thread: Books for Diskrete Mathematics

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    Oct 2009

    Books for Diskrete Mathematics

    Hello everyone !

    I study Computer Science (in department of Mathematics) and i am asking for your help.

    Can someone tell me a(or some) good book(s) with problems and solutions in Discrete Mathematics (books that i can find online would be better)especialy with problems and solutions in Sets and Relations, because i have some difficulties in solving problems in Discrete Mathematics

    Thanks in forward !
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    Oct 2009
    In my university, they used "Discrete Mathematics and Its Application" by Kenneth Rosen. If I remember correctly, the main book has solutions for all odd-numbered (or even-numbered?) exercises, and there is a special solutions volume.

    I would add that sets and relations are so ubiquitous in mathematics, that if you just take regular courses, you will definitely become better at them. A book specifically in discrete math is needed for topics like graphs, counting techniques (such as inclusion-exclusion principle and combinatorics), Boolean logic, etc.
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