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Thread: Set help appreciated

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    Jul 2008

    Smile Set help appreciated

    Here is the question at this link: Yfrog Image :

    So here's what I've done so far: I know the A with the little hat on top means everything outside of A ie the universe. Now I know that A u B with the hat over all of that is A n B with hats over A and B only. So there's now A with 2 hats? Does that just mean A? If so, then it is A n B with a hat only over B. My answer to that is an empty set. Please help! I've done something wrong here!

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello, brumby_3!

    Prove that: .  \overline{\left(\,\overline{A} \cup B\right)} \cup B \;=\;A \cup B

    \begin{array}{cccc}<br />
1. & \overline{\left(\overlie{A} \cup B\right)} \cup B &\quad& \text{Given} \\ \\<br />
2. & \left(\, \overline{\overline A}} \cap \overline{B}\right) \cup B &\quad& \text{DeMorgan} \\ \\<br />
3. & \left(A \cap \overline{B}\right) \cup B &\quad & \text{Double negative} \\ \\<br />
4. & (A \cup B) \cap (\overline{B} \cup B) &\quad& \text{Distributive} \\ \\<br />
5. & (A \cup B) \cap U &\quad& X\cup \overline{X} \,=\,U \\ \\<br />
6. & A \cup B &\quad& X \cap U \,=\,X<br />

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