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Thread: Recursive relation

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    Recursive relation

    Find a recursive relation for the number of distinct ordered pairs (a,b) of non-negative integers satisfying 2a+5b=100.

    Okay, so I took an entirely different approach to this question using generating functions unlike my book. However I am stuck at the end. Any assistance to finish it off would be highly appreciated!

    Let $\displaystyle q_n$ be the number of nonnegative ordered pairs which solve $\displaystyle 2a+5b = n$.

    We define$\displaystyle A(x) = 1+x^2+x^4+x^6+ \cdots$ and $\displaystyle B(x) = 1+x^5+x^{10}+x^{15} + \cdots$

    Now $\displaystyle A(x)B(x) = \left(1+x^2+x^4+x^6+ \cdots\right)\left(1+x^5+x^{10}+x^{15} + \cdots\right) = 1+x^2+x^4+x^5+x^6 + \cdots$

    Clearly, $\displaystyle A(x)B(x)$ is the generating function sequence for the sequence $\displaystyle q_1, q_2, q_3, \cdots $

    $\displaystyle A(x)B(x) = \left(\frac{1}{1-x^2}\right)\left(\frac{1}{1-x^5}\right) = q_0+q_1x+q_2x^2+q_3x^3+q_4x^4 + \cdots$

    $\displaystyle \implies 1 = (1-x^2)(1-x^5)\left(q_0+q_1x+q_2x^2+q_3x^3+q_4x^4 + \cdots\right)$

    We can see from inspection that $\displaystyle q_1=q_3 = 0$ and $\displaystyle q_2=q_4=q_5=q_6 = 1$

    But up to this step, I have no idea how to get the recursive relation for $\displaystyle q_n $

    Many thanks!
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    Haha, Nvm seems like I'll answer my own question -_-, expand the RHS and equate the coefficients for x^k, k =>7 and the recurrence pattern comes up nicely.
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