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Thread: Looking for software that helps

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    Apr 2010

    Question Looking for software that helps

    my first thread of this folder
    is their a software that makes logic proofs..aka box proofs... easier to understand.....
    i.e. the
    and intro n elim
    or intro n elim
    implies intro n elim
    double negation intro n elim
    negation intro n elim etc

    thanks in advance
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    Oct 2009
    I also am not sure what box proofs are. There are many programs (proof assistants) that can prove theorems with your guidance. I am using one called Coq, and it uses words like intro and elim, but I am not sure in the same sense as you do.

    There are also some visual programs to teach proofs, such as "Tarski World" by Jon Barwise and another author.
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