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Thread: Using MergeSort to count Inversions

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    Feb 2007

    Using MergeSort to count Inversions

    Hey folks!

    I'm trying to count inversions in a list using MergeSort. I've got MergeSort functioning properly, but can't figure out how and when to update the Inversion count in Merge. Here's my code:

    int SortAndCount(int arr_list[], int leftSize, int rightSize)
            int invLeft=0, invRight=0, invBoth=0;
            if(leftSize < rightSize)
                    int middleValue = (leftSize+rightSize) / 2;
                    invLeft = SortAndCount(arr_list, leftSize, middleValue);
                    invRight = SortAndCount(arr_list, middleValue+1, rightSize);
                    invBoth = MergeAndCount(arr_list, leftSize, rightSize);
            return invLeft + invRight + invBoth;
    int MergeAndCount(int arr_List[], int leftSize, int rightSize)
            int newSize = rightSize - leftSize + 1;
            int middleValue = (rightSize + leftSize) /2;
            int Inversions=0, totalInv=0;
            int *tempArray = new int[newSize];
            int posistion=0;
            int i, j, placement=0;
            for(i=leftSize; i<=middleValue; i++, posistion++)
            for(i=rightSize; i >= middleValue+1; i--, posistion++)
            for(i=0,j=newSize-1, placement=leftSize; i<=j; placement++)
                    } else {
                            Inversions = Inversions + ( i - j);
                            arr_List[placement] = tempArray[j];
            delete[] tempArray;
            return Inversions;
    I know that Inversions must be incremented by the amount of items remaining in the first list, when the number in the second list is smaller then the second list, but I cannot get out the correct answer.

    Any help is appreicated! Thanks
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    I do not know if this helps, but there is a another way to count inversions. Through Premutation Groups.
    The degree of a premutation determines if an inversion is even or odd.
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