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Thread: LINEAR OPTIMIZATION PROBLEM (Dijkstra's algorithm)

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    LINEAR OPTIMIZATION PROBLEM (Dijkstra's algorithm)

    Dijkstras algorithm does not work for graphs in which some weights are negative. A Natural approach to overcome this problem would be the following:

    To find a shortest path between two vertices in a graph with some negative weights, determine the minimium weight δ<0 among all the edges of the graph. Add some ε >=-δ to every edge making all weights nonnegative. Run Dijstra's algorith and return the shortest path subtracting ε from the weight of every edge of the path.

    Now, Give a counterexample, ie such a graph for which the above approach fails.

    any1 kno of a good counter example they can juss describe to me since we cant draw here unelss sum1 knows how
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    Hello Friend! This is my first "help" post here on math help forum so I'm gonna try my best!

    The biggest problem with negative weights is cycles. I'm not really sure how/if to upload/insert images so I hope my description will be good enough .

    Lets say you have three nodes connected in a graph. If positive weights represent "distance", The negative weights represent a "reward". Given the negative weights, you can get locked into a "reward" cycle where you can just keep moving around in a circle to get reward. Three nodes S, T, and U (no F, har har, little joke) are connected by edges:

    S-T = -1
    T-U = 2
    S-U = 2

    S-T-U is a minimum cost path (-1+2 = 1). How, we'll add a constant (2) to make all the weights positive:

    S-T = 1
    T-U = 4
    S-U = 4

    S-T-U is no longer a minium cost path (1 + 4 = 5 > (S-U) 4). When we return the shortest path (S-U), and subtract our added value (2) we'll get 2, but the answer is obviously bogus since S-U is NOT a shortest path answer in the original graph.

    There's the Bellmen-Ford algorithm for negative weights. It will report a shortest path given negative cost weights, or report the existance of a negative cost cycle. Take a look on google if you interest!

    Have a good day
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