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Thread: Pro Tips Required

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    Sep 2009

    Pro Tips Required

    Need some protips.

    p<--> (t v s) is a premise, does that mean I can substitute p into any other premise that contains (t v s), and vice versa? (I'm quite sure this is the case)

    After having done the substitution what happens to the p<--> (t v s) expression?


    p v (-q)
    (t v s) --> (p v r)
    (-r) v (t v s)
    p <--> (t v s)
    (p n r) --> (q n r)

    First step, and this is where I get confused, the logic after this is pretty easy, and without having done a truth table I believe that the argument is invalid.

    p v (-q)
    p --> (p v r)
    (-r) v (p)
    (p n r) --> (q n r)

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    Aug 2006
    I have no idea what question you are trying to ask.
    Can you edit it. Simply post the exact question asked of you.
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