Find the maximum flow and minimum cut for the following network the capacities are marked.

maximum flow and minimum cut-tute-sheet-5-q4-network.jpg

The answer is:
max flow = 7, because a flow of 3 is along s-x-y-z-t and a flow of 4 is along s-u-v-t.

the minimum cut is $\displaystyle (X, \overline{X})$ where $\displaystyle X = \{s, x\}$ and $\displaystyle \overline{X} = \{y,z,u,v,w,t\}$ so the capacity of the minimum cut is $\displaystyle c(s,u) + c(x,y) = 4 + 3 = 7$.

im pretty sure i understand the maximum flow part and how to get the answer. however could someone give me a quick explanation so i know that im understanding it correctly?

as for the minimum cut part...IM LOST!! absolutely no idea! and have only been giving a very small amount of notes that confuse me even more!! please help!