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Thread: Solutions to Munkres problems

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    Aug 2009

    Post Solutions to Munkres problems

    Hi all,

    I have been working on solutions to the exercises in James Munkres' Topology for a few weeks. Obviously it's quite a venerable book and so I have only completed what I would say is the equivalent of one chapter's worth of material; I skipped some of the first chapter because it wasn't really "topology" properly speaking, but have done a few sections of chapter 2.

    I want to post my solutions so far online to get feedback, or maybe even to collaborate with fellow mathematicians. I'm entering a masters program in the Spring and so am trying to hone my skills. A better mathematician than me is not hard to come by, so if I found someone else with whom to work, I'm sure it would greatly benefit me.

    My question is this: is anyone interested in working with me on this? If so, I can send them the file I'm working on. Thanks for your time!


    Warning: this is my first LaTeX project; in addition to using my pre-masters time to brush up on math, I'm using it to learn the LaTeX I should have learned in undergrad. So although the document isn't a total horror show, it's not exactly the prettiest thing in the world either. Just a warning.
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    Aug 2009


    Hey im too referin the book by Munkres on would be nice if we could help each other out..
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    Dec 2009
    I would like work with you.
    I have did several LaTeX project and I know Latex very well.
    Also i am a postgraduate student in Topology

    pm me.
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