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Thread: Plot of coverage

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    Sep 2008

    Plot of coverage

    Could anyone help me with a software or plotable functions to illustrate the following?

    Say 60% of a town is on a given day are wearing white trousers, 40 % of the town are wearing white shoes and 30% are wearing white shirts. All together, due to people wearing more than on white item, there are only 70% of the people wearing any white at all.

    20% only trousers
    10% only trousers and shoes
    10% only trousers and shirt
    5% shoes, trousers and shirt
    10% only shoes and shirt
    5% only shoes
    10% only shirt

    To illustrate this I want to plot three circles overlapping each other inside a forth, larger circle, symbolizing the town population. Each of the three circles inside symbolizing shoes, shirts and trousers, with the overlapping describing the people wearing two or three different items.
    Ill attach a picture of the idea. Preferably Id like to plot the whole thing using bubble plots in Microsoft excel, any ideas on how to set up a chart like that? What functions will I need? Or is there a software that handles this of the shelf?
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    Search the web for "Venn diagram on Excel"
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