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Thread: Anti-derivation

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    Oct 2010



    V - vector space
    i try to show that if $\displaystyle u \in V$ =>$\displaystyle i(u) \in End(\Lambda(V))$ is an anti-derivation of
    degree -1.

    I'm sorry but i'm not sure what this function i(u) is. It could be the interior multiplication???
    I have found the following informations: i(u):=f(u)^t and $\displaystyle f(u)(v):=u \wedge v$ , with $\displaystyle f(u) \in \Lambda(V)$
    Do you know this statement?
    First of all, i don't understand the definition i(u):=f(u)^t.

    if we have $\displaystyle i(u \wedge v)=f(u \wedge v)^t=$?

    edit: it is the interior multiplication

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