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Thread: pseudo-sine function?

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    Oct 2010

    pseudo-sine function?

    My professor has this exercise in his notes. I may be able to prove it but I don't know what he pseudo-sine function is.
    He states:
    Let \sigma be the pseudo-sine function. Let f(x)=x\sigma (1/x) for x\not= 0. Prove f has a removable discontinuity at 0.
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    Sep 2010
    The pseudo-sine function might be \sigma(x) = \sin(\frac{1}{x}), for x\neq 0.

    In this case, we have f(x) = x\sin(x) for x\neq 0, and it is not hard to check that this function has a removable discontinuity at x=0.

    Do you know how to prove this?

    Also, you better ask your professor, if this is the right definition of the pseudo-sine function (I recall having seen that name somewhere, definitely involving the function \sin(\frac{1}{x}), but it might have been x\sin(\frac{1}{x}) or something similar).
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    Apr 2005
    A more general concept of "pseudo-sine" is any function that is (quas-) periodic and bounded. Of course, for this proof, you only need "bounded". If a\le \sigma(x)\le b then ax\le x\sigma(x)\le bx. Then, as x goes to 0, 0\le \lim_{x\to 0} x \sigma(x)\le 0 so the limit exists and is 0. You only need "exists" to prove there is a removable discontinuity at x= 0.
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