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Thread: Easy sequence needed

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    Nov 2009

    Easy sequence needed

    Hey guys, shoudl be really easy for you, but I somehow cannot figure it out.

    Im looking for an explicit equation of the sequence $\displaystyle a_n$ with

    $\displaystyle a_0 = 1$ (this would be good, but is not needed necessarily)
    $\displaystyle a_1 = 4$
    $\displaystyle a_2 = 24$
    $\displaystyle a_3 = 192$
    $\displaystyle a_4 = 1920$

    You see, we multiply by 4, then by 6, then by 8, then by 10 etc., anyone can tell em an explicit solution?
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    Aug 2009
    $\displaystyle a_n=2^{n}(n+1)!$
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