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Thread: Proof of Pratt's Lemma

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    Proof of Pratt's Lemma - Lebesgue Integration


    Could you please help me with this question:

    Prove the following (known as Pratt's Lemma):

    Let $\displaystyle \{f_k\}_{k\geq 1} , \{g_k\}_{k\geq 1} , \{G_k\}_{k\geq 1}$ be sequences of integrable functions. If

    1) $\displaystyle f_k (x) \rightarrow f(x), g_k (x) \rightarrow g(x), G_k (x) \rightarrow G(x),$ as $\displaystyle k \rightarrow \infty \forall x $
    2) $\displaystyle g_k (x) \leq f_k (x) \leq G_k (x) $ $\displaystyle \forall k \in \mathbb{N} $ $\displaystyle \forall x $
    3) $\displaystyle \int g_k (x) dx \rightarrow \int g(x) dx $ and $\displaystyle \int G_k (x) dx \rightarrow \int G(x) dk $ as $\displaystyle k \rightarrow \infty $ with $\displaystyle \int g(x) dx$ and $\displaystyle \int G(x) dx $ both finite,


    $\displaystyle lim_{k \rightarrow \infty} \int f_k (x) dx = \int f(x) dx$ and $\displaystyle \int f(x) dx $ is finite.

    I was thinking about mimicking the proof of the Dominated Convergence Theorem (noting that $\displaystyle f_k (x) - g_k (x) \geq 0 $ and by Fatou's Lemma, concluding that $\displaystyle \int (f_k-g)(x) \leq \liminf_{n \rightarrow \infty} \int (f_k - g_n) (x) dx $ ) but I'm not quite sure where to go from there... Any hints/help is appreciated
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    Iam not sure of the proof.

    You can directly use DCT to prove this. given that function is bounded and has a pointwise convergence, first prove that f belongs to L' and lfl belongs to L'. that proof is obvious,as the functions are positive Then proceed with your method,use Fatou's lemma here both sup and inf and given the condition of function g, take limits k to infinity on both sides, and use the condition convergence of E(g), and you get the convergence of E(f).

    I hope it helps
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    apply every convergent sequence is a cauchy sequence and every cauchy sequence is bounded and then DCT is directly applicable.
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