On board a ship in the Pacific Ocean in the north latitude on October 20, 1923 at 6:50 P.M. mean Greenwich time by the chronometer the sun's altitude was taken in the morning as h = 21 40.5'; the Nautical Almanac gave the declination of the sun for the time of observation as 8 = 10 10.2' S, the equation of time as e = -15 min 3 sec. The ship then sailed till noon 15.2 nm WNW, and the altitude of the sun at zenith was then measured as H = 35 2.7' and the sun's declination determined at
11 = 10 13'. Where was the ship at noon position?(Answer is in form A B.C' North, D E' West)
What is (A+B+C)*(D+E)?

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